Networks, advertisers and publishers can fall for scammers who sell low-quality inventory, passing it off as advertising on premium sites at the prices of the original.

Ads.txt is aimed against such fraud. The procedure for purchasing advertising becomes more transparent, which allows to eliminate illegitimate sellers from the supply chain.

What is ads.txt?
Ads.txt is a text file. Developers of web sites indicate in it who has the right to sell advertising and who does not. This file can be viewed by programmatic platforms, agencies and advertisers. It is a specification published by IAB in 2017 for sites.

What will need to be done?
We advise web sites to create an ads.txt file. Publish it on root of your domain. This ensures that the ads will only be shown on the agreed advertising spaces: the advertising budget will be spent on the right audience, and the reputation of the brand will not suffer because of fake impressions.

Make sure you include all the necessary information in the file.

As a domain name, you need to specify the advertising network with which you work. The publisher ID must be replaced by an identification code.